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December 2, 2022

The Township Senior Living Prepares to Keep the Cold Outside

Category: Health & Wellness

Author: Jason Carr, Plant Operations Director

Just as it is at home, at The Township Senior Living, preparing for winter can be an arduous task. There are several projects that need to be completed in preparation for cold weather and few of them are easy, especially when Jack Frost decides to come a little early, like this year.

Our homes and businesses can be affected by how quickly we can accommodate these tasks. If we move too early, we miss out on some of the creature comforts. If we wait too long, we run the risk of finding issues at the most inconvenient times (like a broken heater on the night the weather unexpectedly dips below freezing).

Preparation is a strong part of the human condition. Whether storing vegetables and meat or cutting firewood, our ancestors have been preparing for winter weather since their beginning. These days, preparing for cold weather is just a little more complex.

If I know we are going to have extreme cold temperatures I go around to all the empty apartments and open cabinets beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow warmer air to circulate around pipes. If necessary, I will drip one cold water faucet slowly. I go through the community looking at weather stripping on all the outside doors and make sure they are in good shape. I turn on all my floor heaters in the hallways and stairwells, to help heat those areas. Also, I make sure the generator has enough gas and is in good working condition.

It’s important to winterize your house each year to save on heating costs and prevent potential damage to your furnace, plumbing, and roof. Plus, you can keep the community safe by preventing falling ice or falls on ice. We want to avoid having any pipes freezing and make sure we have ice melt on hand and icy condition signs to prevent slips and falls.

The trigger for me to begin cold weather preparation would be when winter begins or after daylight savings time starts. I keep updated on future weather and I will start preparing for any potentially bad storms that are approaching.

No matter how big your house or successful your company, mother nature always seems to creep up on us this time of year. If you get ahead of it and plan for cold weather, you can save big on both stress and dollars.

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