All the best neighbors. All in one place.

The Township is a vibrant community of seniors celebrating a life of less responsibility. To-do lists consist of matinees and manicures – not mowing the lawn and making dinner. Every day is spent with new friends, old friends, and even furry friends.

Keep the joy of home and bask in freedom from worry.

Our apartments are filled with seniors just like you. How can we make such a broad statement? Because residents come to us with many different situations and seeking many different things. The beauty of a community like The Township is that no matter what you’re after – an independent lifestyle, a place that can provide assistance throughout the day, a secure environment for a loved one with dementia – we have a solution for you!

Our Values

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Prioritizing Safety
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Honoring Veterans
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Welcoming Pets
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Spoiling Grandkids
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Advancing Health Technology