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April 28, 2023

The Township Senior Living Looks Forward to This Year’s Spring-Cleaning

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Author: Jason Carr, Plant Operations Director

Spring-cleaning is celebrated in cultures across the world. Due to the tilt of the Earth on its axis, the northern hemisphere begins to see the winter-scape come to life with daffodils blooming, grass greening, and temperatures warming during late March, into early April.  

Spring-cleaning has grown into National Spring-Cleaning Week. This annual effort has expanded beyond house and business cleaning into peoples’ finances, technology, and other areas of a person’s life. With that in mind, The Township Senior Living is looking forward to completing this year’s community-wide spring-cleaning effort!

At home, I vacuum and shampoo all the carpets and check the caulking, inside and out, for both windows and doors, and re-caulk where needed. The evaporator coils on the air conditioner units are cleaned and air filters changed. This is also a great time to declutter, organize, and change the batteries in smoke detectors.

Spring-cleaning has many benefits. It increases productivity at home and work, and it can reduce your stress levels, increase your focus, and improve your mood.

I could use some spring cleaning on my health. I need to start taking better care of myself and get a clear head, so I can be more organized and focused on work and in my personal life.

This will be the third year of our tradition of spring-cleaning within the community and each year is better than the last! Come see for yourself how a clean, well-kept community brings smiles to its residents and staff.

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