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January 27, 2024

Embrace the Power of ‘Present’ – The Township Senior Living’s Word of the Year for 2024″

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Author: Denise Wilkinson, Executive Director

At the beginning of each year, Michael Buckley, Arrow’s personal and professional development coach and “The Chief Feelings Officer,” asks each team member to pick a “Word of the Year.”

To help individuals come up with a word, he offers questions like:

What does your life need more of right now?

And my life will be improved if I have more of what?

Michael reminds us that sometimes, we need more focus. Then, other times, it’s more compassion, and at times, we need more fun! In past years, team members have chosen words such as clarity, confidence, intentional, commitment, consideration, and receptiveness.

This year, team members are actively selecting a Word of the Year for themselves and collaborating to create a word for their community. Picking a personal word and community word is a commitment to doing work on themselves and the “we” and “us” work they want to accomplish as a community.

The Township Senior Living word of the year is “present.”

This word holds significance because it signifies our commitment to remain focused on our vision of serving our residents and team members without distractions. We strive to enjoy each moment fully, remaining focused and calm.

By setting an intention for the year, we’re shaping our community for success. Demonstrating presence shows that you value each person by staying focused on them and the task at hand. This creates a culture of service and showing up in each moment with a positive outlook. We will incorporate the word into the community’s daily operations by finding joyfulness in each interaction.

The year’s biggest goal for our community is to create a culture reflecting a great place to work and live. Our level of customer satisfaction, staff retention, and meeting our budget goals will reflect this. We are also looking forward to 2024 being a year of growth for our community by reaching our 100% occupancy goal and empowering each staff member to grow in their roles within the community.

The chosen Word of the Year should be an inspiration for the team. If not, the wrong word was selected. Keep yourself and others accountable throughout the year. Ask team members about the Word of the Year and make it a frequent topic of discussion in your community. Track your successes utilizing your 2024 Word of the Year, and we will look forward to celebrating them with you!

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