Four legs, wings, or scales – all family.

The animals in our lives are more than just pets. They’re friends, they’re companions, they’re family. We welcome pets at The Township Senior Living and even provide pet care when residents need some extra help.

Individualized Service Plans

We personalize pet care to provide what you need, when you need it. Just as no two people are alike, we know that no two pets have the same needs. And sometimes, to attend to those needs, residents need a little help. Feeling sleepy when Stormbreaker the Pug needs to take her evening potty break? We can help. All kinds of daily services are available to plan for your unique needs. Even if you don’t need help year-round, we offer seasonal plans for when the weather is too much to be going out.

Every pet has a shot

We’re not in the business of turning away family for arbitrary reasons. Even if you think that your pet wouldn’t be a good fit for our senior living community, we want to set up a meeting in order to find the best way to accommodate their needs.

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