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Supporting a family member with advancing dementia is extremely challenging – and so is searching for the right memory care community when the time comes to consider outside help. The Township employs experts in the field who are continually training in the latest techniques to better care for residents of Memory Care. We work with the Alzheimer’s Association to make sure that our care is the best it can possibly be.

The cottage is structured to offer an engaging and supportive environment with comfort and ease of navigation in mind. Our emphasis is on dignity, quality of life, and independence. We do this because even if residents don’t remember specific interactions, names, or other aspects, the feeling of respect, love, and safety always pervades.

Memory Care Apartments

Our apartments provide residents a private space they can call their own, while still providing easy access to all of the daily life that exists in the community. It’s a balance, making sure that residents have a personal space to feel secure in while being social and active, but the layout of our community combined with our dedicated Life Enrichment Coordinators helps us strike the perfect mix.

Assigned Life Enrichment Coordinators

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Care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementia is especially difficult because it really requires a personal and in-depth knowledge of the senior to effectively provide. Quality care begins with strong relationships. That’s why we pair life enrichment coordinators and residents as a team – so personalized bonds of trust and friendship can be developed over time. By interacting with the same set of residents consistently, we are able to focus on developing communication skills unique to each resident and strive to identify small changes in health and wellness.

Residents should never feel monitored. At the same time, we know that security and the well-being of residents is of the utmost importance to their families. The design of the memory care cottage focuses not just on comfort and ease of navigation, but on security. We make every effort to integrate resident safety systems in discreet ways so that their home is always welcoming and warm.


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Life Stations

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Specialized activity stations, called Life Stations™, are specifically designed spots throughout the community that evoke important aspects of life that residents may have experienced. Some resemble military life, others outdoor recreation. There are familial stations and more. These are intended to capture residents’ attention and promote a sense of purpose. Our Life Enrichment Coordinators also create life boxes that are specific to memory care residents!

As symptoms of dementia progress, seniors often become more disconnected from life and the things that they once loved. The Township has the means to do the difficult tasks to get residents re-engaged with life and feeling joy. Nothing brings us more happiness that getting residents excited about something they love.


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Specialized Dining

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Nutrition for someone with dementia is a complicated area. From changing tastes to loss of appetite and even medication interactions, ensuring a quality diet is a difficult task. That’s why a robust dining strategy is one of the core features of our Memory Care cottage. We have formulated a dining program that engages the senses to arouse an appetite and allow the senior to get the vital nutrition they need.

While we take for granted that we can clean and groom ourselves easily out of habit, Alzheimer’s and other dementias can make once automatic grooming habits seem impossible. Our dedication to dignity means that in addition to providing daily grooming such as combing and dressing residents, we regularly take trips to the salon so that residents can feel refreshed and pampered.

Salon Services

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Advanced Training

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Our on-going dedication to excellence means that not only do our Life Enrichment Coordinators undergo the best courses in empathy, communication, and personal care, but we mandate that education is a continual process. Those who work in Memory Care will always have the best knowledge and methodology so that care is always second-to-none.

Our Memory Care Leadership has the prerequisite tools, expertise, and heart to give attention that is second to none. They lead our team by example and are always eager to put in the hard work that excellent care requires.

Memory Care Leadership

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