What incredible features your home now has.

Not only do you get a personal apartment all to yourself, but every single amenity that The Township has on campus is yours to use every day of the week whenever you like. From our library to our exercise equipment to our theater and beyond, The Township is your home and everything in your home is yours to use! And the best part? Our staff cleans and maintains everything so you don’t have to worry about it!

Go ahead, get a late night workout in! Spend a relaxing morning in the library! Invite your family over for dinner in the private dining room. Now you can appreciate the time spent with them instead of having to clear off the table or deal with the dishes. The whole Township is your home – enjoy!

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Full-service dining – available all day

From 7 AM to 7 PM, you are free to have a seat in our full-service restaurant and order from our full menu of 50+ items and combinations! Never worry about hot stoves and dirty dishes again with your own restaurant always at the ready.

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Private Dining

Formal dining for you & your guests

Want to have friends and family over for a meal but looking for a more private affair? Fortunately, we have you covered. Our private dining room is perfect for hosting parties, classy dinners, and celebrations of all kinds! Reserve it, plan your celebration with our team, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Fitness Center

More than your typical gym

We believe that physical health is extremely important, both through nutrition and via regular exercise. We go the extra mile to provide senior-friendly exercise equipment. We also offer group exercise classes for those looking for a little guidance!

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Because everyone loves an adventure

Not only adventure, but mystery, intrigue, romance, and all the knowledge in the world. Books help keep our minds sharp and our imagination firing on all cylinders! Residents are welcome to come and borrow any book they like to take in on their own time. There’s nothing quite like reading a good book cover to cover.

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Grab a seat. We’ll pop the popcorn.

Come on down to our comfortable theater and have a seat. We regularly have live shows, movie nights, spiritual services, educational classes, and more right here in the community! And if there’s not an event? Maybe you’d like to pop in a classic film or newer flick for yourself!

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Outdoor Grounds

It’s too nice to be inside

Residents of The Township mostly grew up in rural areas right here in Missouri, meaning that they love the great outdoors! That’s why we keep our outdoor areas impeccably landscaped and beautiful. Go on, take a stroll around the grounds, stop and smell the flowers, and enjoy the fresh air and lovely foliage.

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