Retake control over your health and future.

Many seniors believe that health problems and loss of function is an unfortunate fact of life that comes with aging. At The Township, we subscribe to a different mindset. We believe that many of the hurdles aging presents are surmountable with the right mindset, plan of action, and support system. To accomplish your goals of maintaining independence or regaining what was once lost, we place an emphasis on treating the whole person, not just physical health.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Every success story to come out of The Township involves an entire team of people throughout the community who are dedicated to following a care plan and contributing in their own specialized way.

Read below to learn more about the core concepts behind The Township’s personal care services.

Holistic Care

We address all aspects of a person when determining their care, not just physical health. We know that everyone has physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and emotional needs. Our care should reflect that.

Care Planning

Residents work with each department to determine a plan that works best for that resident and that resident alone. No two care plans are the same because no two residents are the same. We set goals and work to achieve them together.

Personal Choice

Providing care on YOUR schedule and according to your needs. We won’t do anything that you and your family do not specifically agree to.


Utilizing modern tools to benefit residents

The Township Senior Living believes that everything we do should be the most current and effective method of care. That applies to physical rehabilitation, memory care interactions, and the technology that we use to support residents. Ask about our Foresite passive monitoring systems, which can help predict a crisis before it happens!