The Township Senior Living Plant Operations Allows No Slip Ups With Building Safety

Building Safety Month takes place in May every year and is internationally recognized for raising awareness in keeping buildings safe. 

This initiative unites industries, associations, academia, and government under a common goal to protect the public by creating a safe and resilient environment. Our primary focus as the Plant Operations Team at The Township Senior Living Battlefield, MO is keeping our residents, visitors, and staff safe.

We have multiple tasks that are performed to safeguard our community. My team is regularly checking, testing, and maintaining safety equipment. These include safety barriers, fire extinguishers, and alarm systems. We also check the operation of all our door locks. Having monthly fire drills with residents, visitors, and staff allows us to be prepared in case of a fire, with everyone knowing what to do. Another safety feature is keeping carpeted mats at all entrances.

I oversee and lead maintenance procedures and actions in this company to maintain the overall safety for residents, visitors, and staff. I’m proud of the fact that the staff help clean and maintain the building and property to keep a safe community for everyone.

I use building safety practices at home too. I routinely change my furnace filter and keep things neat and orderly to prevent any trip hazards. I clean and maintain all my appliances regularly, especially my dryer lint trap after every use.