Memory Care: National Gardening Month

Gardening is potentially a “long-term” memory for Township residents with dementia. Gardening brings back memories, especially long-term ones. Residents identify with gardening as a family affair or working in one with a parent or planning one to provide fresh food for their families. Putting your hands in the dirt and growing something to eat is nature at its best. There’s a spiritual connection through nature and a sense of wonder that is felt through gardening. The memories of eating that first summer tomato is never forgotten.

It is beneficial to connect individuals living with dementia to long-term memories. Dementia takes short-term memory, so it’s especially important to preserve and exercise long-term memory to find that recollection that brings joy or comfort and gives them a release from their dementia. Photographs and activities that nurture long-term memories are vital to the resident’s sense of purpose and happiness.

Here at The Township Senior Living Battlefield, MO to celebrate and participate in National Gardening month we have incorporated several calendar activities which provide for planting, maintaining, and beautifying our garden. We have scheduled a produce preview with our culinary director this month as well as two different food experiences that involve fresh produce. Lowes is donating over $400.00 in garden plants and soil to the Township Memory Care. Photos with Jeremy, the store manager, will be posted on Facebook.