Move More Month

“In January 2020, the Board of Directors of the AVA: America’s Walking Club, declared the first seven days of April to be “National Walking Week” which would include the traditional “National Walking Day” sponsored by the American Heart Association from 2007 to 2019.”

At The Township Senior Living in Battlefield, MO, we strive to make sure that our residents stay active and healthy to ensure they enjoy their golden years in the best ways possible! Each of our residents has unique interests when it comes to fitness – some enjoy walking outdoors at local parks while others get their workout in at our cardio drumming classes. With that in mind, we adapt our fitness programs according to the tastes of our residents, utilizing both in-house fitness classes and our vendor partnerships to provide a variety of choices for our residents to stay active. Due to our unique resident group, the classes we provide may vary from those of our sister communities so that we are all meeting the needs of our individual residents. 

As the Resident Services Director, I motivate my residents to stay active through frequency and variety of classes and events. We have a fitness class every morning with stretching, cardio and some gentle exercise. We also have a cardio drumming class once a week, with water aerobics twice a week. EmpowerMe Wellness has recently come onboard, providing daily Physical and Occupational Therapy; a nurse practitioner is available a few days a week.

We host walking club with our Assisted Living residents walk every morning. If the weather is suitable, we walk around the building outside. And if not, we walk up and down the halls, on both floors, picking up friends along the way. Our Independent Living residents have a separate walking group that walk together daily – outdoors if the weather permits. Luckily, we’ve got some nice, long halls that allow for a lot of steps when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

When we think of celebrating National Walking Week, we don’t just see a way to stay active. We see an opportunity to interact with those in our communities and meet new friends along the way. In celebration of this week, walkers are encouraged to find the motivation to get active.

We will be celebrating National Walking week with a challenge for the residents to see who can walk the most steps throughout the week. But the fun won’t stop there! Using pedometers and cell phone apps to track steps, we will also be giving out prizes for the most steps in a month. We will also be keeping a chart of the steps so competitors can see how they rank. Much participation is anticipated from both residents and staff.

If you would like to participate in National Walking Week efforts in your area, visit to find out more! 


We have a great group that are active residents that love to walk, so we will challenge them to stay active with fun activities. We will be using our walking trail that is outside our paved area that leads out into the woods. The residents that are a little more active will enjoy the wooded scenery and the challenge of the terrain. We will encourage this activity to be a weekly event.