Township Employee Appreciation Day

March 2022 – Executive Director Phyllis Wiley

The Township Senior Living team is warm and welcoming, they are all self-starters. I’m pleased to be their Executive Director. It has been amazing to learn personal skills and talents within our own team.

They pull together well when there is a need. If a department is short because someone called in, there’s someone ready to jump in to fill the gap. During the COVID pandemic, each member of the team came ready to serve meals, clean dishes, and apartments, and answer call pendants. And, yes, they were even ready to call hallway Bingo!

This year for Employee Appreciation Day I will be hosting a Pizza Party at 11 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm in order to spend quality time with our full team. I will have individual thoughtful, heartfelt notes for each employee. I will reference the comment box to encourage workplace feedback because their ideas are invaluable. A Workplace 5 Love Languages Survey will be offered for submission, giving valuable information to express future appreciation in the manner that is most rewarding.

During the week department directors will be hosting a resident-decorated cookie cart, executive chef-designed magic cupcakes on a cart, and the BOD will serve tropical punch, umbrella included, from a tropical-inspired cart. Wellness and Memory care directors will be baristas with coffees and teas to start the day! I enjoy spending time in the various departments, giving my team members a break and me an opportunity to work alongside other staff. This allows time to ask for ideas and input, it has really added efficiency and better camaraderie. It has been amazing to learn personal skills and talents within our own team.